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GA Mach 1 Foil 1500

GA Sails

Product image 1Racing foil fra GA.
Product image 2March 1 racing foil i grønn.
Product image 3Flat frontvinge til foil for windsurfing.
Product image 4Frontvinge med hvit bakgrunn til windfoiling.
Product image 5Front og bakvinge i grønn fra GA.
Product image 6Carbonmast fra GA.
Product image 7Sort carbon mast til windsurfing foil.
Product image 8Fuselage til windfoil.
Product image 9Carbonmast feste til fuselage.

Vanlig 16.950,00 kr

GA Mach 1 1500 er en freeride foil for windsurfing foiling. Foilen er en carbon foil og er veldig stiv. Dette er en premium foil som passer de som vil ha det beste, men ikke ønsker en racing foil for store racing seil og ditto brett. Foilen passer perfekt med for eksempel Tabou Magic Carpet brettet. Mach-1 kommer med en 90 cm. mast og en 1500 cm2 front vinge. Ønsker du mer fart kan du bytte til en 900 cm2 front vinge. Vil du ha mer manøvrerbarhet kan du skifte til en 85 cm. fuslage. 

Lift your foiling to the next level with the premium freeride foil Mach 1. If you are looking for prime performance, ease of use and a top-class construction in one package, the Mach 1 is the right choice for you. An incredibly stiff and light 90cm Carbon mast is pre-set with an integrated Deep Tuttle adapter for the windsurf foil set or Double US adapter for the wing foil set. The 1500cm2 front wing of the windsurf foil set offers a lot of lift, while retaining control and speed in the air. With its 2000cm2 front wing the Mach 1 wing foil set provides unmatched lift for early take-offs during wingfoiling in light wind conditions. Both these sets can be customized with a wide range of different front wings and fuselages.

Mach 1 - 1500 - Windsurf Foil Set

  • Maste høyde: Carbon 900 mm
  • Fuselage lengde: Alu 900 mm
  • Front vinge: 1500 cm2
  • Bak vinge: 303 cm2
  • Boks system: Carbon Deep Tuttle
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