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Tabou Twister Freestyle brett


Product image 1Tabou Twister i grønn og rød
Product image 2Design fra tabou under seilbrettet
Product image 3Tabou seilbrett twister egenskaper
Product image 4Trikser med windsurfbrett
Product image 5Surfer i lufta med windsurfing brett
Product image 6surfer viser frem seilbrett
Product image 7Tabou Twister Freestyle brett

Vanlig 24.500,00 kr

Introducing a new generation of freestyle boards – the brand-new Twister sets a new standard in speed and pop. A new outline adds a narrower section at the back foot to the compactness, which results in even more pop and top speed. This top speed is further enhanced with the higher entry rocker, resulting in enormous pop that will launch you higher for more radical rotations. The super compact design of the Twister motivates you to push your own limits even further and add extra rotations so that you’ll have tons of fun learning new moves and combos.

Les mer på: Tabou Twister.com

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